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ISSN : 2234-3040(Print)
ISSN : 2234-3059(Online)
The East Asian Journal of Business Management Vol.7 No.1 pp.31-36
DOI : 10.13106/eajbm.2017.vol7.no1.31

Validity and Reliability of Total Quality Management Questionnaire in Greek Primary Education Settings

Christos Karageorgos, Asterios Patsiaouras, Dimitrios Kokaridas,Athanasios Kriemadis, Antonios A. Travlos


Purpose - The purpose of the study was to develop a reliable measurement tool for the evaluation of TQM application in Greek education settings and to examine the factors that determine quality of education. Research design, data, and methodology - A questionnaire commencing from the questions included in the Application Guide of Common Assessment Framework was used for research purposes. Each item was scored on a 5point Likert scale - to a sample of 112 educators (55 men, 57 women), all teachers working in public primary education schools. Factor analysis resulted in a questionnaire of 43 items consisting of five factors, teacher satisfaction, school management and operation, motivation, effectiveness of public school leadership and finance management.
Results - Results revealed a positive correlation among all factors. Reliability results using Cronbach’s α was high (a=.961) for all factors of the questionnaire ranging from α=.930 (for motivation) to α=.797 (for financial management). Additionally, ICC procedure revealed high values for the above mentioned factors.
Conclusions – The study resulted in the construction of a reliable questionnaire focused exclusively on TQM that can be used in future studies using larger samples in different areas so as to draw useful conclusions regarding TQM application in Greek education settings and further identify the factors determining quality in education.