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ISSN : 2234-3040(Print)
ISSN : 2234-3059(Online)
The East Asian Journal of Business Management Vol.7 No.1 pp.5-12
DOI : 10.13106/eajbm.2017.vol7.no1.5

Determining the Relationship between the Effective Factors of Strategic Behavior: A Case Study for Social Insurance Company of Tehran

Arsalan Kazemi, Habibollah Javanmard, Ramona Mohammadi


Purpose - In order to achieve the organizational objectives, the behavior of the employees and their collaboration with management should be taken into account. It has been shown that strategic behavior depends on a number of different factors. The aim of this article was determining the relationship between factors related to the strategic behavior.
Research design, data, and methodology - Accordingly, a conceptual model was developed and tested in the form of a survey. Participants of the study were the employees working in the social Insurance company of Tehran. Data was collected using a questionnaire conducted among managers and the staff. A correlation model was used for data analysis by employing the SPSS software.
Results - The findings showed there was a relationship between employees’ engagement and the strategic behavior.
Conclusions - Our research has demonstrated the effect of employees’ engagement on the strategic-driven behavior, emphasizing the role of employees’ engagement in health-care service firms. Although previous service research has focused on the factors that drive employees’ performance, it seems that most of this research has been inspired by the idea of the service profit chain, focusing on the effect of employees’ satisfaction on performance.